The malignity of tumors appears to be strongly linked to expression of ionchannels in the tumour


Professor Djamgoz has throughout the last two decades discovered that voltage-gated sodium channels (VGSC’s) are expressed in numerous cancer cells and tissues; Research shows that the metastatic capacity (i.e. the probability of the cancer spreading to other organs) is strongly dependent on the expression of the VGSCs.

Professor Djamgoz and his group have produced convincing and very strong scientific evidence for their findings, and these have been confirmed by other groups.


Sodium channels are membrane proteins that conduct sodium ions (Na+) into cell's when activated.

In excitable cells, such as neurons and heart muscles, sodium channels are responsible for the initiation of action potentials.

These ionchannels are alien to other healthy cell types (such as breast or colon tissues). However, they are expressed when these tissues become cancerous.

The metastatic potential of the cancer is strongly correlated with the expression of these channels. Channel activity drives metastasis.



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